Terms and Conditions

Upon purchase I understand the following:

  1. I acknowledge Workman Success Systems (hereby “WSS”) will be capturing video, photographs, and audio recordings throughout the duration of Leverage 2021. I give my consent for my name, likeness, voice, and/or performance to be captured and used as part of a WSS product.
  2. I grant WSS the right to use this product in any format, now known or later developed. I grant, without limitation, the right to edit, mix, duplicate, and otherwise use the product as a whole or in parts as WSS may elect. I acknowledge that WSS has complete ownership of the product, including copyright interest.
  3. I grant WSS the right to broadcast, exhibit, market, and otherwise distribute or publish the product, in whole or in part, for any purpose and in any manner elected by WSS. This grant includes the right to use the product for promotional purposes.