Illuminate your message. Inspire your audience.

August 21 - 23, 2019, Salt Lake City, Utah

Stand out on any stage. Present like a polished pro. Inspire an audience to take action. Dominate events. Deliver content they crave more of. Fill your classes. Bring life to a panel. Get hired again and again.

We have created the perfect event especially for you.

Not Your Average Speaker Training

Speaker Training is designed to give you the…

...Confidence, Finesse, & Composure...

to present like a pro in any environment. You’ll leave here knowing how to create more impact, get more gigs, generate more opportunities, get on bigger and bigger stages, and create a 5-star reputation as a speaker!

This is not a “sit in your seat and be preached to” event. This is an…

...interactive "learn, prepare, and do" event.

This process not only helps you get better as a presenter; it teaches you how to structure a presentation to get a predictable result every single time. You will be asked to do homework before the event to prepare a presentation. Then you’ll learn from our master presenters and get one-on-one feedback with them. After that, you’ll be allowed to rework your presentation before you deliver it to the group.

Attendees will be able to ...

  • Present like a polished pro
  • Stand out on any stage
  • Dominate events
  • Inspire an audience to action
  • Bring life to a panel as a host or as a guest
  • Master the art of engaging webinars
  • Fill their classes
  • Deliver content that makes people want to come back
  • Get hired again and again
  • Turn live training into a cash cow

Learn How To:

Stand out on any stage
Present like a polished pro
Inspire an audience to take action
Dominate events
Deliver content that they crave more of
Fill your classes
Bring life to a panel
Get hired again and again

August 21–23, 2019

Peery Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.​​

Join us for three action-packed days of learning and inspiration, and hear secrets of success from some of the most skilled presenters in the industry!​

Day 1
  • Our first day will start at 1:00 PM, giving participants plenty of time to fly in and get settled on the morning of the event.
  • At 5:30 we will enjoy a great dinner together.

Day 2
  • Thursday will be a full day of content, presentations, evaluations, and learning, ending with a barbecue at Storm Mountain campground.
  • As you sit in the beautiful mountains of Utah, a group of professional speakers will be there to interact, answer questions, and network with you.
  • If you want to know who they are, well ... you’ll just have to be there!

Day 3
  • Our last day will end by 1:00 PM, so you can catch an earlier flight out if you need to.
  • If you choose to stay, you can enjoy all Salt Lake has to offer before getting back and testing your new speaking skills.

Imagine these master presenters hearing your presentation and

giving you real-time feedback and tools to improve!

That’s exactly what Speaker Training is for.

Terri Murphy
Terri Murphy is a communications specialist, author, and media expert. As a professional speaker, she has delivered countless presentations. Terri masterfully captures audiences through authentic communication and “edu-tainment,” a combination of education and entertainment. She is a master speaker and connector that has helped thousands of people connect with their audiences.
Don Hutson
Don Hutson is the real deal. He is a legendary speaker and author and a member of the elite Speakers Roundtable for America’s top presenters. As a sales and entrepreneurship expert, he has delivered more than 6,000 presentations across the globe. A master of his craft and a gifted presenter, Don has dialed in how to monetize a speaking business at every level, both live and online.
Verl Workman


From wanting to be like Zig Ziglar to sharing the stage with him, Verl Workman has impressed audiences worldwide. As CEO of Workman Success Systems, has delivered over 1,000 presentations. In 2016 he was distinguished as a National Speakers Association Certified Speaking Professional™ (CSP®). His winning attitude and undying passion empower him to inspire his clients and truly change lives.

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The Peery Hotel is a historic landmark in downtown Salt Lake City. Its architecture reflects both Prairie styles and classical revival influence, and subsequent renovations have reinforced modern comfort while preserving its historical value as a long-standing Salt Lake tradition.

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