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What is RAMP?

RAMP provides a balanced overview of real estate essentials to help you RAMP up your business and become an all-star agent.

It’s perfect for brand-new agents who are brand new to the business and anyone else who is looking to refresh and refocus their approach!

What You Get...

Learn in 13 weeks how to improve your work habits and techniques by attending RAMP Live! training. Walk away a transformed agent!

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Duration of the Course

RAMP Live! is 13 weeks of DOING, not just learning. In this action-packed live series of classes, you actually do something different and new every session. It’s like having your own private coach that will inspire, motivate, and hold you accountable to actually DO the activities that will transform your business!

Winning and keeping clients before during after the transaction!


Are you a new agent? Want to get back into the business after a break? Need to refresh your real estate career?


Learn how to rise up and become a better agent with the best and newest practices out there!


Multiply your income. Learn how to close two transactions per month. Have a better quality of life.

Welcome, “Big Why,” and Daily Success Habits

In this session, participants will focus on finding their “big why.” What is the reason they get out of bed every day and go to work? This will become the motivational factor moving forward throughout their career. They will also be introduced to the Daily Success Habits Tracker to encourage them to actively lead generate and time block for money making activities. Participants will be held accountable by the Facilitator for timely and ongoing completion of regular homework assignments.

  • Turn the online RAMP course into live actionable items.
  • Create a classroom climate of respect and trust, allowing all participants to feel engaged and safe when sharing.
  • Discover your “big why” through focused questions.
  • Use the Daily Success Habits Tracker to actively track your day.
  • Replace current daily habits with measurable activities to increase your dollar-producing activities.

Business Planning

The key to success in real estate and in business will be the creation and execution of a comprehensive business plan. It’s impossible to know where to go without knowing how to get there! The business plan and the accompanying sections will become the roadmap to the participants’ business growth. At the heart of the business plan is the Strategic Plan. This is a big, broad, brushstroke of where they want to be in their business and their life over the next few months and years. This fluid plan offers them the chance to set goals while at the same time helping them to visualize the future they want and make it a reality.

  • Identify five key personal and business objectives.
  • Write your personal core values and mission statement.
  • Use the SWOT analysis to design and implement action plans.
  • Determine your 4 pillars of income.
  • Fill out and commit to a Cash Flow Budget Worksheet to optimize your finances.

SOI & Prospecting

As participants make new connections and strengthen old ones, their business will grow. To do this, participants will learn to keep in regular touch with their sphere of influence (SOI) and schedule dedicated time for prospecting every day. Consistent and focused prospecting habits will help them build their business more than anything else.

  • Fill out and organize your SOI leads in the SOI Tracker.
  • Role-play essential scripts for prospecting with a partner.
  • Brainstorm ways to add value while prospecting.

Top 50

Participants will work with their Top 50 list to build an ongoing “touch” campaign that is all about consistent, meaningful communication. The people on this list are individuals whom you believe will send you at least one referral a year. In order to do this, you will need to have meaningful contact with every single person on that list every single month. You’ll also gain some insight and use an action planning sheet to begin to plan at least one client appreciation event this year, eventually building up to four or more amazing events every year for your clients.

  • Discover your “type” of procrastination.
  • Use your Top 50 list to begin to build your referral program.
  • Brainstorm ways to add value while prospecting.

Open Houses & Accountability

When you adopt the right kind of mindset, you give yourself permission to grow. If you remain fixed or rigid with limiting beliefs, the opportunity for growth and change is difficult. Participants will lean into their unlimited potential and make the commitment to do things better. Learn to create experiences for your clients, both new and old, that surpass expectations, building solid relationships for life. Hold yourself accountable for your actions in order to maintain motivation and stay focused on your goals.

  • Discover the difference between a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset.
  • Plan, then host an open house following the Open House on Steroids plan.
  • Commit to personal accountability to maintain motivation and focus.

Showings & Buyer Presentations

Learn to put your best foot forward as you show homes and deliver buyer presentations by role-playing and practicing until you can comfortably and confidently present to an actual client. It’s your job to work with clients to help them achieve their real estate goals, whether buying or selling. Handling transactions smoothly is something that comes only with lots of experience and practice.

  • Determine the right way to show a home to potential buyers.
  • Learn the correct dialog to use with clients to get upfront agreements signed.
  • Customize and present a buyer presentation with confidence.

Prioritization & Time Blocking

As a real estate agent, you have a level of flexibility in your schedule that most people don’t. That can be a huge benefit to you, but if you don’t use your time wisely, it can also be your biggest liability. You must learn to sort your priorities and then carefully and intentionally plan your schedule to get your most essential tasks done. We’ll show you time blocking, giving you the structure and discipline you need in order to be in control of your time and ultimately, your business.

  • Prioritize daily tasks using the Eisenhower Box.
  • Create a weekly schedule following the suggestions and using the My Perfect Week Scheduler.

Client Communication & Listing Presentations

Real estate is just as much about people as it is about properties. Having great social skills is essential to your success as an agent. We’ll use the DISC profile to analyze your clients’ behavior and communication styles and adapt accordingly so they feel comfortable with you. Then we’ll use that knowledge as you deliver your listing presentation to adapt to the unique needs of the potential sellers.

  • Utilize the different DISC styles to improve communication with clients.
  • Calculate absorption rates for your market and use this date in a presentation.
  • Design an eye catching flyer for a new listing that includes information that would appeal to each of the four DISC styles.

Negotiation & Mortgage

When it comes to negotiation, attitude is everything. In this session, you’ll learn to understand the other party’s point of view, keep your emotions in check, and communicate respectfully to clients at all times. Once negotiations are over and your client is under contract, you must have a solid understanding of the financial side of a transaction. So, you’ll become familiar with the different ways to finance a home so you know how best to advise your client.

  • Become familiar with and practice negotiating a contract with a seasoned agent.
  • Create an imaginary multiple offer scenario and negotiate the contract with your role play partner.

Marketing & Social Media

You know it’s important for you as an agent to create a personal brand for yourself that appeals to potential clients. To do that, you’ll figure out how to set yourself apart and then market yourself accordingly with a great website and your social media channels. Make it professional, authentic, and consistent in your approach, and you will attract new business and create a sense of loyalty among your clients.

  • Determine what kind of marketing and service establishes brand loyalty and brainstorm ways to elevate your own personal brand.
  • Explore and analyze the websites and social media channels of successful, web-savvy real estate agents.
  • Identify ideas for your own website, blog, and social media channels based on the examples you’ve seen.
  • Film a short video to post on social media.

Overcoming Objections & Winning in a Competitive Market

In any sales profession, there will be client objections. To be able to overcome those objections with confidence and poise, you’ll learn and practice proven techniques and expert responses. You’ll also determine your value proposition as an agent and implement value-adds into your business model so that you can justify your fee to potential clients and overcome their objections.

  • Use role play to prepare yourself ahead of time to handle any objections with confidence.
  • Role-play the value-add scripts for handling objections about your fee.

Raving Fans & New Ways to Find Business

Keeping in touch with clients is paramount to your continued success in real estate. We’ll use your CRM to ensure that they get touches from you regularly and that you stay at the front of their mind. Then, you’ll provide exceptional customer service to create raving fans for life. As you cultivate these old relationships, you’ll start to seek out new business through for sale by owners, expired listings, new construction, and local events.

  • Use role play to practice and master the dialogues for:
    • asking for a review
    • speaking to sellers of expired listings
    • calling For Sale By Owners
  • Create Raving Fans for life by providing exceptional client experiences and always putting the client first.

Finances & Business Plan Review

As a self-employed individual, you are fully responsible for your own finances. In this lesson, you’ll be able to set a budget and create a system for your money by utilizing additional accounts or “buckets” to save for important expenses, including taxes. As you create healthy financial habits for yourself, you’ll continue with the daily success habits you have established for your business and press forward with your business plan.

  • Use your Business Plan to intentionally create the life and business you want. Make any adjustments or changes needed as a result of taking this course.
  • Use the bucket theory to plan for and accumulate additional savings to pay cash for things you want and pay for the things you need to.

How will I benefit?

Close More Transactions

Increase Your Conversion Rates

Develop Habits of Top Agents

Win More Appointments

Master Scripts & Dialogues

Leverage Your Time



Ara Fesperman

Ara Fesperman

Workman Way Facilitator

Ara Fesperman

Ara has been working in the real estate industry for over 16 years. She is also a 2nd generation realtor after her father, so helping people with real estate services is in her blood.She is the new agent trainer for M. Stagers Realty Partners and enjoys helping new and seasoned agents grow their business.

Ara has a B.S. in Marketing from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Contact email: ara@msrpsa.com

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