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October 25-28, 2023



Verl Workman
Verl makes it his personal mission to develop amazing coaches. It takes thorough vetting and intense training. But it all starts with being a master coach himself, who leads by example. Verl brings deep real-estate, leadership and coaching experience to every business relationship.

His coaching clients represent the elite agents, teams and brokers in the world. But they didn’t necessarily start out that way. By identifying the “why” behind each goal, he is able to help his clients achieve greatness.

Verl is also an accomplished speaker and presenter—one of just a handful of presenters to earn the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association. His experience and expertise in all aspects of sales, marketing, promotion, management and technology have enlightened and empowered thousands of professionals to expand their knowledge and achieve their goals.

Verl’s contagious style and sales and management mastery make him not just an ideal coach, but the consummate coach’s coach.

Verl’s credentials and accomplishments include:

  • Founder & CEO of Workman Success Systems
  • Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from NSA
  • President of RIS Media’s Top 5 in Real Estate Network
  • Co-founder of Pinnacle Quest
  • Consulting and Verl Workman Seminars
  • Co-founder of Automation Quest (acquired by Homes.com in 1999)
  • DISC Training Certified
  • Successful, active real estate agent & business owner


Ross Bernstein Keynote Speaker

The best-selling author of nearly 50 sports books, Ross Bernstein is an award-winning peak performance hall of fame business speaker who’s keynoted conferences for Fortune 500 companies on all seven continents and has been featured on CNN, ESPN, Fox News, and “CBS This Morning,” as well as in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and USA Today.

Ross’ program is all about the DNA of what makes champions in sports so unique and how that relates to business. It’s based on a series of books he wrote in which he was able to interview more than 1,000 professional athletes and coaches that all had one thing in common — they were all members of championship teams. In his research he concluded that the same metrics and characteristics that were common among champions in sports, were also common among peak performers in business. There are reasons certain teams win consistently, whereas others don’t… and Ross explains why. It’s based largely on the “Good to Great” concept of how the best companies are able to separate themselves from the rest of the pack through servant leadership, by creating a culture of excellence, by developing deeper relationships, and by giving extraordinary customer service. Ross weaves sports stories, about the DNA of champions, along with stories of companies who he has worked with around the world — and shares best practice ideas on ways to overcome disruption, while ultimately building stronger relationships. At the core of his message is the simple fact that we like to do business with people who we trust, who we like, and who just “get it” — CHAMPIONS.

In an engaging, provocative, and visually entertaining style, Ross will use inspirational stories and poignant life lessons from the world of sports to show attendees how to:

  • Create a “culture of excellence” by giving extraordinary customer service…
  • Generate momentum by utilizing the “currency of karma”…
  • Follow their moral compasses to win “the right way,” with respect, ethics, and integrity…
  • Be better leaders and create more “buy-in” by embracing change and failure…
  • Evolve from “order takers” to “trusted partners” by enhancing the quality of their relationships…


tammie slay

Tammie is a native Texan and has been a resident of Frisco, TX for over 20 years. Currently, she is the Broker/Owner of two real estate companies and the team leader of Hip Realty Group. Tammie has earned the esteemed designations of CRS, GRI and SRS. She is a mother of four children, dog owner, multi-million dollar producer, team leader, entrepreneur, community volunteer and seven year awardee of the Five Star Professional Award. Words clients have used to describe Tammie are tenacious, engaging, the slayer, hip, dedicated, bold, loyal, protective, knowledgeable, MommaSlay, candid and trustworthy.


joel block
Joel’s a futurist and longtime venture capitalist / hedge fund manager (gobbledygook for professional investor) who lives in a Shark Tank world like on TV. Since selling his publishing company to a Fortune 500, Joel’s cage-rattling keynotes expose Wall Street insights and the inside track on high-velocity innovation – empowering business executives and their teams to “Disrupt Their Competitors’ Future”.


kirk weisler

Chief Morale Officer Kirk Weisler is an expert at creating outrageously cool workplace cultures and high performance teams. Over the past 19 years over 50,000 Leaders from organizations including Delta, MAYO Clinic, Johns Hopkins, YUM Brands, Bausch & Lomb, General Mills, Coca Cola, and even Workman Success Systems have specifically sought Kirk’s advice and wisdom on building teams, strengthening leaders and improving culture.

His unique background as a US Army Ranger, a member of the 19th Special Forces Chaplaincy, his work with At Risk Youth and experience as a Master Storyteller & Team Builder make him a very fun, engaging, and sought after speaker. He authored the Best Smelling book, “The Dog Poop Initiative” and the semi–sweet best smeller, “The Cookie Thief.” Kirk lives in Phoenix, AZ with “Wonderful wife Rebecca and they have six remarkable children.”


Shirley Davis
Dr. Shirley Davis is a sought-after global workforce expert, and is president and CEO of SDS Global Enterprises, a strategic development solutions firm that specializes in human resources strategy; talent management; leadership effectiveness; culture transformation; and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Dr. Davis has over twenty years of experience in a variety of senior executive leadership roles in Fortune 100 & 50 corporations and in her last role, served as vice president of global diversity and inclusion and workforce strategies for the world’s largest human resources association, the Society for Human Resource Management. Her work has been featured by the Wall Street Journal, NBC’s Today Show, USA Today, NPR, CBS News, Fox News, CNN.com, Fast Company, HR Magazine, and many others. As a result of her contributions and expertise in the HR and DEI fields, she was inducted into Inclusion Magazine’s Hall of Fame for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in November 2022. Additionally, she was nominated for Forbes 2021 Women 50 Over 50 list.


David Horsager
David Horsager, MA, CSP, CPAE is CEO of Trust Edge Leadership Institute and a global authority on helping leaders and organizations become the most trusted in their industry. He is inventor of The Enterprise Trust Index™, director of the annual study-The Trust Outlook™, and national bestselling author of The Trust Edge. With clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to professional sports teams and global governments, David has taken the platform across the United States and on 6 continents.


Start the year off right with the ultimate event for ALL real estate professionals.

Each year at Leverage, we bring in the best speakers in and outside of the industry for unique perspectives and to learn from the best.

Our very own WSS coaches, team leaders, and even team members share valuable, first-hand knowledge of the industry you can’t get anywhere else. We skip the fluff and discuss real strategies, solutions, and send you away with clarity and a list of ACTIONABLE items you can implement into your business immediately.

Team leaders, buyers agents, listing partners, and client care coordinators/admins will all find what they need here. Whether you are new to real estate or a seasoned professional, Leverage is designed to help you find success as a real estate pro!!



  • 9am-6pm | Registration | Grand Ballroom
  • 1pm-4pm | Team Games | 600 South Parking Lot (Come to Grand Ballroom and we’ll guide you there!)
  • 4pm-5:15pm | Team Games Debrief | 600 South Parking Lot
  • 5:15pm-5:30pm | Team Photo | 600 South Parking Lot
  • 6pm-7:30pm | Welcome Reception | Imperial Ballroom A&B


  • 7am-8:15am | Registration | Grand Ballroom
  • 7am-8am | VIP Breakfast | Murano Garden Salon; Ross Bernstein & David Horsager
  • 8:30am-12pm | General Session | Morning
  • 8:35-9am | Verl Workman | Grand Ballroom
  • 9am-10am | Ross Bernstein | Grand Ballroom
  • 10am-10:30am | Break | Grand Ballroom
  • 10:40am-11:10am | Lightbulb Moments – Panel | Grand Ballroom
  • 11:15am-11:55am | Tammie Slay | Grand Ballroom
  • 11:45am-12pm | Announcement | Grand Ballroom
  • 12pm-1pm | Lunch
  • 1pm-3:35pm | Breakout Sessions
  • 1:05pm-1:55pm | Denise Klein | Team Leader & Client Care
  • 1:55pm-2:45pm | David Horsager | Team Leader
  • 2:45pm-3:35pm | Verl Workman | Team Leader
  • 1:05pm-1:55pm | Dr. Shirley Davis | Sales Partner
  • 1:55pm-2:45pm | Verl Workman | Sales Partner
  • 2:45pm-3:05pm | Kaprice Gunn | Sales Partner
  • 3:10pm-3:40pm | Cleve Gaddis | Sales Partner
  • 1:05pm-1:55pm | Denise Klein | Team Leader & Client Care
  • 2:00pm-2:50pm | Dr. Shirley Davis | Client Care
  • 2:50pm-3:10pm | Samantha Knoerr | Client Care
  • 3:10pm-3:40pm | Brianne Ika & Nate Workman | Client Care
  • 3:40pm-4:00pm | Break
  • 4pm-5pm | General Session | Afternoon
  • 4pm-5pm | David Horsager | Grand Ballroom


  • 7am-8:15am | Registration | Grand Ballroom
  • 7am-8am | VIP Breakfast| Joel Block & Dr. Shirley Davis
  • 8:30am-11:3am | General Session| Morning
  • 8:30am-9:30am | Dr. Shirley Davis
  • 9:40am-10:10am | Break
  • 10:10am-11:05am | Verl Workman
  • 11:05am-11:35am | Lightbulb Moments – Panel
  • 11:35am-12:35pm | Lunch
  • 12:35pm-2:25pm | Breakout Sessions
  • 12:35pm-1:40pm | Joel Block| Team Leader
  • 1:40pm-2:25pm | Cleve Gaddis| Team Leader
  • 12:35pm-1:10pm | Jamie Taylor| Sales Partner
  • 1:10pm-1:40pm | Brooke Sines & Landin Smith| Sales Partner
  • 1:45pm-2:30pm | Joel Block| Sales Partner
  • 12:40pm-1:40pm | Sarah Bernard| Client Care
  • 1:45pm-2:30pm | Brianne Ika & Jon Miller| Client Care
  • 2:25pm-2:55pm | Break
  • 2:55pm-5:00pm | General Session| Afternoon
  • 3:00pm-3:45pm | Lightbulb Moments – Panel
  • 3:45pm-4:15pm | Lightbulb Moments – Crowd
  • 4:15pm-5:00pm | Verl Workman
*Agenda subject to change


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