Verl Workman

Clarity 2020

Verl Workman

The Four Commitments of a Winning Team

Mark Eaton

Cleve Gaddis


Cleve Gaddis

Mike Coke

Low & No Cost Lead Gen That Rocks

Mike Coke & Jeremy Zucker

Clarity on a Win: For Your Team - Lead Measures and Lag Measures

Sarah Michelle Bliss & Christi Greene

Verl Workman

How To Go From 30-60 as a Listing Partner or Buyer's Agent

Reed Stupalski & Verl Workman

From Average to Irreplaceable

Lee Tessier & Sarah Bernard

Sara Guldi

Define Your Wins Best

Sara Guldi & Selina Galanis & Samantha Knoerr

Verl Workman

Crystal Clear

Verl Workman

Speed Role Play: How to set an appointment in record time

Paul Sessum & Kat Rockwell & Tammie Slay

Mike Coke

WSS Tools, Tips and Tricks

Brooke Sines & Julie Timms & Mike Coke & Shilo Lord

The Promise: Become Legendary Leaders and Discover Your Signature Moves

Jason Hewlett

Clarity and Consistency In Your Culture

Tammie Slay

Cleve Gaddis

The 7 Key Tools for Leadership Success

Cleve Gaddis

The Keeper of the Culture in Your Role

Selina Galanis & Sarah Knauer

Get it Signed the Ultimate Listing and Buyer Presentations

Landin Smith & Paul Wheeler

Helping Grow the Culture of Operational Excellence

Brooke Sines

Profitability Metrics for Brokerages and Teams

David Wiesemann

Deconstructing the Rockstar Year

Kat Rockwell

Sweat the Small Stuff - How to Win in a Competitive Listing Market

Trish Nash

Lead Generation Best Practices and Actionable Steps to Produce More

Keeping Promises Your Agents Make

Max Squiers

Fun with DISC, Understand the Team Dynamics and Owning DISC for Your Team

Shilo Lord

Leading the Leader with Agile

Samantha Knoerr

Verl Workman

Your Clear Path Forward

Verl Workman